M-Ubuntu: Teachers Building an M-Learning Collaboratory

Team South Africa

 Lucy Haagen    , Literacy Consultant, Duke University, Durham, NC. Provides upfront training in M-Learning, problem-based pedagogy, action-research design and instruments. digital content production, learner assessment and project evaluation. Email contact 

Theophilus van Rensburg Lindzter - Learning Academy Worldwide. Original funder, Phase I-2. Develop distance learning teacher workshops on which M-Ubuntu builds. Provides upfront training in M-Learning, literature-based pedagogy in the Paideia tradition, Content production and dissemination. Email contact

Sydney Teme    , Principal of Ramosadi Primary School, Mafeking, South Africa. Helps support teachers as principal to implement M-Ubuntu. Email contact 


Thabang K. Mogale - Tech Assistant, working in schools in the Mafikeng region, South Africa to provide support for teachers in preparing mobile devices for use in learning. Also an intern for Taletso College on assignment with Learning Academy Worldwide. Email contact


Geoff Stead, Director, TRIBAL GROUP, UK , providing technical and pedagogical support, software development and training.